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Treviso, Italy
The ultimate expression of Lapitec’s potential.

Sintered stone ventilated walls, interiors, walls, doors, bathrooms, tables and ceilings: the Lapitec HQ is entirely made from the material produced there.

The perfect showcase for Lapitec.

Surfaces covering a total of 2,500 m2: a unique showcase to demonstrate the enormous potential of “full-bodied” sintered stone, brought out by the stylistic and architectural choices of this design. 

Colour vibrations and plays on light.

Inside the building, the chosen finishes enhance the natural light, thanks to the light colours used and the way the sunlight reflects on the different textures. 
A single dominant colour with a velvety effect, giving all the interiors a compact and uniform look. 

A linear yet dynamic facade.

The building’s exterior is characterised by a geometrical stretch featuring cut-outs to break up its length without, however, ruining the effect of continuity. This is thanks to the use of a lighter slab which is lit up at night, creating dynamic strips of light and reflections on the façade.
A dynamic and modern look. To further bring out the geometric look of the façade, there is a colour contrast between the grey, Satin finish of the panels positioned further back, creating a continuous façade with the glass surfaces, and the ivory, Vesuvio finish of the elements at the fore. 

All the potential of Lapitec, in one place.

The Lux finish was used for all the flooring, Vesuvio for the vertical surfaces and Satin for the tables and horizontal surfaces. In fact, Lux has an intrinsic brightness and shine that reflects the outside light, creating an incredibly charming high-gloss look. The Vesuvio finish has a more structured surface that brings to mind the appearance of flamed and brushed granite, making it perfect for walls: this cladding creates an interesting vibration effect when the light hits the slabs; this creates surprising colour effects that are also very natural. Satin, on the other hand, is the finish of choice for the horizontal desktops, the reception desk and all support surfaces: in fact, the satin effect ensures the right reflection for the workstations.

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