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New York, USA
Large formats that are extremely easy to work with, brought to the heart of New York.

In the heart of the Big Apple, Lapitec cladding has been used for the entrance hall of a skyscraper.  This luxury building, just a stone’s throw from Times Square, where two of Manhattan’s main roads meet, is home to a number of executive and professional offices as well as the headquarters of a number of famous fashion brands.
The design, by the Fogarty Finger studio in New York, is a great example of how easy it is to work with “full-bodied” sintered stone, putting the large format of this material to great use.

A simple and sophisticated look.

Lapitec was used for the wall cladding in the reception area and for the side panels of the large desk; however, it is the cladding in the central section of the lobby, where the elevators are located, that allowed the designers to really achieve an incredibly simple and sophisticated look.
This was made possible by using full-sized Lapitec slabs, which were glued to the walls and fixed in place with a mechanical anchoring system. The result is a vertical surface completely covered in sintered stone that reaches five metres in height, offering a wonderfully even look that creates strong stylistic homogeneity.

New lines for never-seen-before workmanship.

The rounded corners of this section were done by hand, using a soft curvature radius: until now, this unprecedented and extraordinary technique was only possible with natural stone.

Sinuous lines creating a harmonious environment.

Skilled workmanship is combined with this material’s high levels of technical performance, creating a high-impact aesthetic effect, with Lapitec’s soft touch blending in perfectly with the surroundings.

Sophisticated finishes for glistening surroundings.

The Satin finish was chosen here: a naturally shiny, refined surface able to reflect the light in a soft way. The Bianco Polare colour contributes to creating a bright space using delicate, almost diaphanous, shades that integrate with the veining of the Carrara marble. 
The homogeneous colour of the Lapitec slabs also creates strong aesthetic consistency, transforming the surfaces into monochrome backgrounds offering charm and simple elegance.

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