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OPUS is a high-quality designed office system that can meet the needs of various functions in the office space. The design of the table legs is inspired by the spindle A-shape pylon structure . The structure is created through the process of cutting different material applications which is not only three-dimensional and flexible, but also adds a bit of architectural aesthetics to the office space.

The importance of collaboration has always been at the core of the workplace. The flexible OPUS prompts us to create an enthusiastic working atmosphere. The curved desktop and panel not only increase the softness and flexibility of the space, but also encourage employees to have better communication and collaboration to achieve more innovations.


Opus system are not just practical items, they complete the space and stimulate creativity. The unique color and finish make the space more abundant and natural; while also promoting communication, cooperation and encouraging more inspiration.


While Opus systems offers collaboration and creativity, Opus Executive provides focus and privacy for executives. Opus is furnished with a good cable management solution, a patented external power supply, and backup options for multiple devices.

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