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Everyday Pleasure for Body and Soul

Bathing is an important part of life. Everyone knows water is essential for all creatures. It is the main biological element existing inside the body.

Water is necessary and meaningful to all lives not only for drinking, but also for bathing. Bathing from the past to the present is regarded as an important part of life. It has physiology and psychology benefits, and the nervous system always reacts to the multitudes of ensuing sensations.

When soaking into a bath, the tension and stress of the everyday world will slip away and result in a feeling of relaxation. You will feel heavenly. Thus, bathing is similar to a bridge crossing the real world to a place of serenity?

KÄSCH intends to provide the perfection of bathing with all the superior quality and product designs to suit every customer, and give the best service.


As long as the efforts of innovative thinking has never stopped, the tub itself has been developed to be more desirable both in design and function, starting from wood to grow to better materials, from one shape to another. KÄSCH offers a generous selection from simple geometric designs, to corner and special models available in a variety of sizes. And all are sophisticatedly designed.

Let’s imagine now how great the relaxation of your body and soul would be if everyday you can take a bath in the private natural pond fulfilled with crystal pure water, either a pond of fresh cool waterfall or a hot spring. How can this really occur to our dialy living

KÄSCH realizes this desire. For making the perfect bathing experience, the inspiration to acquire the values and power of the nature similarly becomes a magnificent philosophy of the creation and development of every KÄSCH bathing product, especially its bathtubs. Each collection of KÄSCH bathtubs is designed to fulfill its users with the values and beauty of nature helping their body and soul to approach the desired relaxation and rejuvenation.

Let’s experience every view of KÄSCH bathtub to acknowledge how KÄSCH can offer the feeling of a peaceful spirit of bathing to its user as his or her desire.




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