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Elegant and bold, ZAVO is Kasch Clean Wash™ main flagship electronic bidet that blends luxury and technology into one aesthetically pleasing center-piece. Fitting for any house to the high rise of a metropolis, its urbanized looks and advanced features represents the full package of the bidet collection.


ZAVO represents the complete package of an advanced electronic bidet. While aesthetically impressive and beautifully designed, the broad structure of the toilet seat also serves as a relaxing, ergonomic touch to the overall user experience. Deceptively hidden away under its pleasing appearance, a great deal of technological features and sensors resides inside the device.

LED light under the lid illuminates to assist the user whenever the environment is dark. The bidet features can be easily operated by remote control and adjusted for a range of preferences.

Length: 1900mm
Width: 2500mm
Depth: 990mm
Height: 770mm

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