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Liguria, Italy
Musa for a private wellness area in the Ligurian mountains.

A private wellness area overlooking a relaxation loggia with swimming pool. Framing the view, the spectacular panorama of the Ligurian hinterland. We are at Villa Luce, where the Musa collection finds space in all the finishes and in some of the decorative details of the bathroom and the outdoor area.

The floor runs uninterruptedly from the interior to the exterior, until it laps the suspended swimming pool and evolves into a vertical surface and cladding for the sintered stone washbasin, with its monolithic and proudly geometric profile. For the charming shower corner, created in an external niche completely cladded in Lapitec, the architects exploited the decorative potential of the Musa collection, creating an interesting bookmatch effect with its veins. 

Natural beauty, for nature.
Lapitec is a 100% natural and sustainable material made from minerals without toxic additives or petroleum derivatives. The visual result is strongly reminiscent of natural stone, as is the touch. Available in multiple surface finishes, the sintered stone can be perfectly polished or extremely rough (for poolside paving) or even slightly bush-hammered, giving a material and soothing effect and the impression of being immersed in an authentic and natural environment to fully enjoy moments of wellbeing.
Special veining.
The contrasting veining visible on the Lapitec Musa surface is neither printed nor obtained using inks, but is the result of mineral powders and is created during production of the slab. The naturally irregular decoration runs through the entire thickness of the material and is defined as “full body”, a revolution that contrasts with the laminates, ceramics and other materials that are generally the result of printing. “Full body” means that when Lapitec is cut, milled or drilled, its colour and decorations emerge without disappearing, allowing, as in the case of the washbasin in this project, the design of custom elements with a strong decorative impact.

For all wellness areas.

For floor and wall use, as well as for shower trays, pool edges, underwater areas, spa areas and the creation of furnishing accessories, the characteristics of Lapitec, combined with its ease of processing and precious appeal that interprets the stone material in an innovative way, make it the ideal material for the design of wellness areas. Available in multiple tactile surface finishes and degrees of roughness, Lapitec comes in several non-slip coefficients and its non-porous surface is inhospitable to dirt, mould, fungi and bacteria.

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