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Principality of Monaco
A villa overlooking the Côte d’Azur.

Nestled in a lush park of 4,500 square metres, Villa Lea faces the splendid bays of the Côte d’Azur near Monte Carlo, offering panoramic views over the gulf. Lapitec, chosen by Studio Donizelli as part of the project for both the interior and exterior spaces, represents the meeting point between the contemporary style of the interior and the surrounding unspoilt nature.

The morphology of the main house is shaped from a pre-existing rock wall. The local cliff stone wraps the building from top to bottom and is used as a rough foundation corresponding to a portion of the ground floor. The geometry of the building is rigorous, with marked lines and sharp edges, softened by the transparent glass railings and the pure colours of the building’s envelope. 

Unique and natural patterns.

The veining on the slabs is present all the way through them, which means it runs throughout the slabs’ thickness without the need for any kind of printing: any incisions, holes or cuts that need to be done on the slabs shall therefore reveal the same pattern found on the surface of the stone cladding, without losing any of its charm. This can also be seen in this kitchen worktop, made with an oblique cut so as to frame the contrasting front panels of the drawers: the sintered stone is decorated with the fine pattern all the way down its sides; this creates a charming and unique effect that cannot be replicated, just like natural stone.

Lapitec and marble for the kitchen.

The kitchen reflects the signature style of the interior, featuring neutral colours, simple lines and fine details. The design of the central island comprises interlocking elements on different levels: a large contrasting marble block is grafted onto the light volume with cantilevered top, thereby replicating in the kitchen the theme of contemporaneity alongside varying details. Being non-porous, Lapitec in the Bianco Polare shade and Satin finish guarantees better performance than marble and is resistant to acids and bases while remaining a 100% natural and sustainable material. 

Maximum versatility.

For flooring or in the kitchen, but also for facades, in bathrooms or for the creation of furnishings: Lapitec, with its technical features, is perfect for every application, intended use and space. Thanks to its marked resistance to salt spray, it is also ideal in places near the sea, or even on board yachts and other vessels.

  • Kitchen
  • Pool & Spa
  • Satin
    Bianco Polare – Essenza Collection
  • Vesuvio
    Terra Ebano – Essenza Collection


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