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Veneto, Italy
A historical hotel is reborn thanks to Lapitec.

As part of an architectural renovation and original, contemporary interior design project, Lapitec’s cladding and flooring solutions breathed new life into this historical hotel, overlooking one of Italy’s largest and most beautiful piazzas. 

Sophistication and functionality in Grigio Piombo, with a Satin finish.

Lapitec was chosen for the hotel’s cladding and flooring, as well as for the desktops in most of the rooms and the bathroom countertops.

New areas come to light thanks to Lapitec.
A new area was also created as part of this large-scale project: the hotel’s new terrace, home to a restaurant and bar. 
A new flooring concept.
All of the flooring was completed in Moca-coloured Lapitec with the fine wrinkles of the Lithos finish; this represents a completely new concept, offering different shapes with a contemporary look that go perfectly with the Moca colour and Fossil finish where the panoramic terrace overlooks the view.
Playing with light and different surfaces.
The picturesque view of the magnificent 13th century castle offers a beautiful play on natural and artificial light, especially at dusk, bringing out the structured surface of Lapitec, combined with the glass of the large sliding doors.

A harmonious mix of different materials.

In the bar area, the countertop is combined with wood, mixing design and naturalness. This project has expanded and breathed new life into the hotel in an innovative way, with attention being paid to every architectural detail. 

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