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New York, USA
A private home in the heart of Bridgehampton.

In the residential district of New York, in Bridgehampton, this vibrant and eclectic private home breathes new life into an old barn, which has been redesigned with a modern look.

A private home in the heart of Bridgehampton.

This home stands out for the continuous interaction between the spaces, light and different textures inside; just like a modern canvas, this home welcomes furniture and accessories, creating elegant yet comfortable rooms.

A bright canvas.

The combination of different materials creates a heterogeneous and dynamic yet harmonious structure: light wood and glass are used together with Lapitec, which covers the wall in Bianco Polare with a Satin finish. The result is a bright environment that reflects light everywhere.

Natural textures.

The two floors of the home are connected by a central staircase, the steps of which are covered in Lapitec with a Vesuvio finish.
This textured sintered stone is also used for the fireplace which is covered in Grigio Piombo, an elegant and formal colour which, in the Vesuvio finish, offers unique reflections, adapting perfectly to the surroundings of this large living area, framed by the home’s large windows.

Supporting design.

Inside the home, Lapitec was chosen for a number of applications, thanks to its versatility and incredible ability to adapt to any customisation requirement of the design. Thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures, Lapitec represents an elegant and efficient solution also for the relaxation area of the home, characterised by the fireplace. 

  • Living
  • Vesuvio
    Bianco Polare – Essenza Collection
  • Satin
    Bianco Polare – Essenza Collection
  • Vesuvio
    Grigio Piombo – Essenza Collection


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